Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Road map for a Future Ready Naval Force - By Rahul Prakash, Koan Advisory

With the advent of nanotechnology, robotics, directed energy technology among others, there has been a paradigm shift in capabilities of naval forces in the 21st century. 

Navies of the future are likely to make use of lasers, electromagnetic railguns, unmanned vehicles, space assets, stealth technologies, and information-centric combat systems. Allocation of budgets and build-up of manpower resources are going to be critical variables that will determine adoption of these technologies. Cost benefit, long-term sustainability, maintenance requirements and inter-operability will also have a bearing on technology development and adoption in the future. 

This background note was used as a curtain raiser for the ‘Make in India Paradigm: Road map for a Future Ready Naval Force’ event in collaboration with FICCI. The note provides a snapshot of modern day technologies and trends that offer a glimpse into the future of naval capabilities.